Geoffrey V (Godefroi)
Count of Anjou, Touraine and Maine,
Duke of Normandy by marriage

Born August 24, 1113
Died September 7, 1151
Buried at St. Julien's Cathedral in Le Mans France


Matilda of England May 22,1127, Le Mans, Sarthe, France

Children of Geoffrey and Matilda:

Geoffrey also fathered several illegitamate children by various mistresses - so far I have yet to come across any definitive names of the mothers, though it seems to be a general consensus that Geoffrey and a woman called Adelaide of Angers had a son called Hamelin. Also, about half the sources I've seen list Emme as the daughter of Matilda, the others list her as illegitimate. I've chosen to put her with the other children by Matilda, well, just because. Matilda would have been about thirty-six when she was born.
Here are the others:

Child of Geoffrey and Adelaide (poss.): Children of Geoffrey and [mistress(es?)]:

Siblings of Geoffrey V d'Anjou:

Elias II de Maine, Sybil d'Anjou, Matilda d'Anjou,
Half-sister by father and unknown mistress: Isabella d'Anjou,
Half-siblings by father's marriage to Melisende d'Edesse: Baudoiun III of Jerusalem, Almaric I of Jerusalem

    Fulk IV d'Anjou patgreatgrandmother
  Fulk V d' Anjou Bertrada de Montfort greatgrandmother
Geoffrey V d'Anjou      
  Aremburga (Ermengarde) de Maine Helias I de Maine matgreatgrandfather
    Mathilde de Chateau-du-Loire greatgrandfather

Geoffrey of Anjou Monument