Hamelin Plantagenet

Illegitimate son of Geoffrey V of Anjou and half-brother to King Henry II of England

Born abt.1129
Died May 7, 1202
Buried in the chapter house at Lewes Priory, Sussex, England


Isabel de Warenne in April of 1164 in East Surrey, England

Children of Hamelin and Isabel de Warenne:

Siblings of Hamelin Plantagenet:

half-siblings (father's legitimate) Henry II of England, Emme d'Anjou, Geoffrey VI Count of Nantes and Anjou, William Count of Poitou,
and (also) illegitimate Mary, nun and Abbess of Shaftesbury, Adewis Plantagenet

After his marriage to Isabel in 1164, Hamelin was recognized as Compte de Warenne (Earl of Surrey) and he, and their children took that name. In October of that same year he joined in the denunciations of Archbishop Thomas Becket, though after Becket's death he became a great believer in Becket's sainthood, having (allegedly) been cured of blindness by the saint's help.

Hammelin escorted his eleven year old neice Joan of England to Sicily for her wedding in 1167.

In 1180 Hamelin ordered the building of stone castles at Conisbrough and Sandal. In 1189 Hamelin and Isabel jointly founded an endowment for a priest for the chapel of St. Philip and St. James within the castle at Conisbrough.

Hamelin attended the coronation of his nephews, first Richard in 1194 ... then John in 1199. Later travelling to Lincoln to witness the King of Scotland's oath of homage (1200). King John visited the new castle at Conisbrough in 1201, granting a market charter for the town during his visit.

Hamelin died in 1202 and was buried at Lewes Priory, Sussex, England.
He was succedded by his son William as 6th Earl of Surrey.

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