Henry II/Henry Plantagenet
King of England from 1154 to 1189

The first of the Plantagenet and Angevin dynasty.
Count of Anjou and Nantes,
Duke of Normandy, Aquitaine and Gascony,
Lord of Ireland
and at times controlled
parts of Wales, Scotland and western France.

Born March 5, 1133 at Le Mans, Maine, FR
Died July 6, 1189 in Chinon, FR
Buried at Fontevraud Abbey


Eleanor of Aquitaine (two months previously Eleanor had annulled her marriage to Louis VII of France)

Children of Henry II and Eleanor:

Henry's illegitimate children:

Step-children (though they were in custody of their father) by Eleanor's first marriage to Louis VII of France:

Siblings of Henry II:

half-siblings (father's legitimate) Emme d'Anjou, Geoffrey VI Count of Nantes and Anjou, William Count of Poitou,
and illegitimate siblings: Hamelin Plantagenet, Mary, nun and Abbess of Shaftesbury, Adewis Plantagenet

      Fulk IV 'le Rechin' d'Anjou
    Fulk V d'Anjou Bertrada de Montfort
      Helias I de la Fleche Count of Maine
  Geoffrey V of Anjou Aremburga of Maine Mathilde de Chateau-du-Loire
Henry II of England      
  Matilda of England Henry I of England William I of England
      Matilda of Flanders
    Edith of Scotland Malcom III of Scotland
      St. Margaret of Scotland

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Henry II Effigy at Fontevraud

13th century manuscript illumination courtesy wikipedia