Eveline de Clare

Born abt.1162-74 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Died bef. June 4, 1225 in Sussex Square,London,Middlesex,England or Essex, England


1)William Munchensey

2)Geoffrey Fitz-Piers

Child of William and Eveline Munchensy:

Children of Geoffrey and Eveline Fitzpiers:

Also, by Geoffrey's first marriage to Beatrice de Saye:

Siblings of Eveline de Clare:

Richard de Clare, James de Clare, Mabel de Clare, Roger de Clare II, John de Clare, Henry de Clare, and half-siblings from mother's first marriage William III d'Aubigny and Avice d'Aubigny

      Gilbert Fitz-Richard de Clare
    Richard de Clare Adeliza de Clermont
  Roger de Clare Alice Meschines greatgrandmother
Eveline de Clare      
  Maud de St. Hilary James de St. Hilary Hasculf de St. Hilary
    Aveline (unknown) greatgrandfather