Dorothy Cottle

Born 1678 in Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA
Died October 1, 1681 in Nantucket, Nantucket co., MA

Sources differ as to whether Dorothy was the daughter of Edward and Judith, Edward's wife (as either Judith's second name or a new wife), or whether she even existed at all - perhaps mistaken reference to Judith.

(possible)Siblings of Dorothy Cottle:

Edward Cottle, Mary Cottle, Benjamin Cottle, Sarah Cottle, Judith Cottle, Hannah Cottle, Elizabeth Cottle, Edward Cottle(y), James Cottle, Judith Cottle(y), Lydia Cottle, Anne Cottle, John Cottle

    George Cottle patgreatgrandmother
  Edward Cottle Christian (unknown) greatgrandmother
Dorothy Cottle      
  Judith Osgood mothersfather matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother greatgrandfather