Shubael Cottle

Born June 28, 1751 in Chickemoo/Tisbury, Dukes Co., MA
Died July 20, 1789, lost at sea in shipwreck (west of the Bermudas?)


1) Drusilla [unknown]? about 1773?

Child of Shubael and Drusilla Cottle:


2) Hepsibah Davis on October 10, 1776 in Tisbury, Dukes, MA

Children of Shubael and Hepsibah Cottle:

Siblings of Shubael Cottle:

Edmund Cottle, Susannah Cottle, Hannah Cottle

      James Cottle
    John Cottle Elizabeth Look
      Thomas West
  Shubael Cottle Mary West Elizabeth Thomas
Shubael Cottle      
  Amy Allen Samuel Allen James Allen
      Elizabeth Partridge
    Mary Tilton Samuel Tilton
      Hannah Moulton