Zebulon Pike "Pike" Cottle

Born Feb. 1, 1825 1, 13, 25 in Troy, Lincoln co., Mo 6
Died March 11, 1902 1, 13 in Cottletown, Bastrop co, Tx 6
Buried: Antioch Cemetery, Paige, Bastrop co., Tx 1, 6, 13


Lydia Dancer on Sept. 23, 1847 6, 25 in Bastrop (*poss. Fayette) county, Tx

Pike Cottle (around six years old) arrived in Bastrop County, Texas with his widowed mother Sarah "Sally" (Turner) Cottle and siblings - and the rest of Austin's Little Colony - about 1831, right about the time Mexico forbade further colonization from the United States. The new colonists pretty much walked right in to a brewing revolt against the Mexican government of Texas.
Much of Pike's young life delt with attacks by Natives, the political unrest with Mexico (ie: the Runaway Scrape) and afterward, the new Republic of Texas establishing basic forms of government, not to mention the harshness of daily farm life in central Texas.
Pike's mother died in (presumably) 1843, he chose his brother Sylvanus to be his Guardian (apparently at this time, at 18 he was still considered a Minor) and the Sarah Cottle League was divided into six equal parts, one part for each of the remaining children and grandchildren.
By 1847, when Pike wed Lydia Dancer, county boundaries were changing quite a bit. The Republic of Texas had become a state just a little over a year earlier and things had settled down, relatively speaking. Z.P. and Lydia could have been married in one of several different counties, depending on where the county lines were drawn at the time.

Children of Pike and Lydia Cottle:

Siblings of Pike Cottle:

Leonard W. Cottle, Joseph Cottle, Harriet Cottle, Darney Cottle, Polly Cottle, Sylvanus Cottle, Laura Cottle, Elizabeth Cottle, Rachel Cottle, Martha Cottle, Rebecca Cottle

      Sylvanus Cottle
    Joseph Cottle Abigale Sherman
  Stephen Cottle Azubah Power greatgrandmother
Zebulon Pike Cottle      
  Sarah "Sally" Turner Winslow Turner matgreatgrandfather
    Molly Standish greatgrandfather