Abigail 'Abiah' Lombard

Born 1630 in Dorchester, MA
Died October, 1677 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA
Abiah's father came to Dorchester, MA from England aboard the Mary&John (1629?). He was admitted as freeman in Dorchester, 1634. He and his wife moved to Scituate and joined Rev. John Lothrop's church in 1635. They were among the first settlers in the new town of Barnstable in 1639. Very high in social standing.
Husband James Claghorn was very likely a prisoner of war during the Scottish Rebellion (following the Battle of Dunbar) and was one of many sent to New England in 1651. He was farmed out as labor to Abiah's father Bernard Lumbert of Barnstable. He retaliated on his master by marrying Abiah, and in 1662 they moved to Yarmouth.
Death: After a long term mental affliction, Abiah committed suicide by hanging herself in the chamber of her house.


James Claghorn on January 6, 1654 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA 7

Children of James and Abiah Claghorn:

Siblings of Abiah Lombard:

Thomas Lombard, Mary Lombard, Martha Lombard, Jabez Lombard, Jemima Lombard, Martha Lombard(dy)

    Thomas Lombard patgreatgrandmother
  Bernard Lombard fathersmother greatgrandmother
Abiah Lombard      
  Mary [unknown] mothersfather matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother greatgrandfather