William Emmett "Mutt" Luker

Born January 21, 1917 in Comanche Co., Tx 1
Died July 14, 2005 in Brownwood, Brown Co., Tx 1
Buried: Baggett Creek Cemetery, Proctor, Comanche Co., Tx 1

1920 US Census - age 3y1m, living in Comanche Co., Tx with parents Harrison (30) and Dawn (24) and brother Frank (5)
1930 US Census - age 13, living in Comanche Co., Tx with parents George H (39,Tx) and Dawn (33,Tx), and siblings Frank V (15), Edith (8) and Kenneth (2)
1940 US Census - age 23, living on Dublin & Flemming Road in rural Comanche Co., Tx with wife Ray Nell (17,Tx) and son Glenn (5mos), next door to CC and Mary Moore (wife's parents - likely rented farm from father in law), highest grade level of school completed: 8, lived in same house in 1935, occupation: farmer, worked 50hrs/week, 52 weeks for $0 with other income

Married 1)

Ray Nell Moore 7

Children of William and Ray Nell Luker:

Married 2)

Peggy M. Taylor on May 1, 1967 in Enid, Ok 1

Step-children from Peggy's first marriage:

Siblings of William Luker:

Frank Burnell Luker, Edith Lemoyne Luker, Kenneth Luker

      George Washington Luker
    Benjamin Franklin Luker Frances Emma Graham
      William Marion Henry
  George Harrison Luker Louetta Henry Matilda Fincham
William E. Luker      
  Margaret Dawn Sturkie John Ira Sturkie B.J. Sturkie
      Margaret Alta _
    Mary Elizabeth Cook John Benjamin Franklin Cook
      Elizabeth E. Hart