Guy de Lusignan, 'Lord de Archaic', Lord de Cognac'

Born [abt.1222-34] in Lusignan, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Died May 14, 1264 in Lewes, Sussex, England [alt.died in France after 1274] 127

Parents are first cousins.
Half-brother to Henry III of England
In 1247, a year after their mother's death, siblings Alice, William, Aymer and Guy, accompanied the new papal legate William of Modena, the Cardinal Bishop of Sabina, to England.
Henry heaped benefits on the siblings, granting them important positions and many incomes, at the expense of the barons. They were not very well liked by the English nobility.
1258, Served on the committee at Oxford with his brothers William and Aymer at the king's behest and were later (due to intense dislike and the fact that they had spoken out against the committee rulings - that they, as foreigners would have to give up their lands) besieged at Amyer's castle at Winchester and forced to leave the country.
Fought in the Battle of Lewes in 1264 during the Second Barons' War and said (by most online accounts) to have been killed. There is an alternate claim that he escaped after the Battle of Lewes (with Earl Warenne and other leaders) and fled to France, where he died many years later.
Is recorded as being in Limoges at Edward's behest stirring up trouble for the viscountess in 1273/74. 127


Not married.

No known children.

Siblings of Guy of Lusignan:

William de Valence, Agnes Agathe de Lusignan, Isabelle de Lusignan, Hugh XI d'Angouleme, de Lusignan, Aymer de Valance, Alice de Lusignan, Geoffori de Lusignan, Marguerite de Lusignan

Half-siblings from mother's first marriage to King John of England:

Henry III of England, Richard, Earl of Cornwall, Joan of England, Isabella of England, Eleanor of England

      Hugh de Lusignan VIII
    Hugh de Lusignan IX Orengarde de Lusignan
      Guillaume Taillefer IV
  Hugh de Lusignan X Mathilde de Taillefer Emma de Limoges
Guy of Lusignan      
  Isabella d'Angouleme de Taillefer Aymer de Taillefer Guillaume de Taillefer IV
      Emma de Limoges
    Alice de Courtenay Pierre Capet of France
      Isabelle de Courtenay