Hugh XI d'Angouleme, Hugh XI de Lusignan, Hughes 'le Brun' de Lusignan

Born [abt.1218] in Lusignan, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Died April 6, 1250 in Faruskur, Egypt
Buried: Abbaye de Valence, Abbaye de la Couronne, Charente, France

Parents are first cousins.
Half-brother to Henry III of England
Betrothed 1224 to Jeanne de Toulouse (who was age five at the time, betrothal annulled and she married a brother of the king of France)
Betrothed (by treaty of Vendome, 1227) to Isabelle de France, contract is dated Jun 1230, annulled, she took a vow of chastity.
Married Yolande de Bretagne, 1236 (who had previously been betrothed to Hugh's half-brother Henry III of England at the age of seven, to John of France, Count of Anjou at the age of eight and to Theobald IV, Count of Champagne at age thirteen!).
Succeeded his mother as Count of Angouleme in 1246.
Succeeded his father as Count of La Marche in 1249.
He joined with King Louis IX, the crusade in 1248.
Agreed to serve Alphonse (brother of King Louis IX, married to Hugh's first betrotal, Joan - who had accompanied her husband) for one year on crusade.
Killed in Battle of Faruskur in 1250.


Iolande of Brittany in January, 1236 in France

Children of Hugh XI and Iolande:

Siblings of Hugh XI d'Angouleme:

William de Valence, Agnes Agathe de Lusignan, Isabelle de Lusignan, Alice de Lusignan, Aymer de Valance, Guy de Lusignan, Geoffori de Lusignan, Marguerite de Lusignan

Half-siblings from mother's first marriage to King John of England:

Henry III of England, Richard, Earl of Cornwall, Joan of England, Isabella of England, Eleanor of England

      Hugh de Lusignan VIII
    Hugh de Lusignan IX Orengarde de Lusignan
      Guillaume Taillefer IV
  Hugh de Lusignan X Mathilde de Taillefer Emma de Limoges
Hugh de Lusignan XI      
  Isabella d'Angouleme de Taillefer Aymer de Taillefer Guillaume de Taillefer IV
      Emma de Limoges
    Alice de Courtenay Pierre Capet of France
      Isabelle de Courtenay