Marguerite/Margaret of Lusignan, Marguerite de la Marche

Born [abt.1228] in Lusignan, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Died October 30, 1283 in France
Buried: Church of the Cordeliers [Franciscan] at La Rochelle

Parents are first cousins.
Half-sister to Henry III of England
In 1242 Marguerite's father had been involved with Raymond of Toulouse and other nobels in Languedoc who were unhappy with the inquisition and French rule and formed an uprising, which killed several inquisitors - much to the joy of the region's inhabitents. Unfortunately the uprising failed.
In 1243 Marguerite (age 14-15?) married Raymond VII (age 46), probably an attempt to get a male heir for Toulouse so that it would not revert to France. The marriage was dissolved by the inquisition, likely in order to prevent any such male heir.
1246 she married Aimery IX de Thouars and became Viscountes of Thouars.
1260 she was recieving a pension of 100 marks sterling via the Count of Poiteau from the castellany of Bridiers, Montbart, and their affiliations by act of Henry III of England in 1253. In 1265, she gave the property to the abbey of Le Chambon in memory of Amaury de Thouars.
She brought to Geoffrey de Chateaubriand the Ile de Re, as a dowry during her lifetime. She made her will in 1283. The Lordship of Re then returned to the Viscount of Thouars.

Married 1)

Raymond VII of Toulouse in 1243 (divorced August 3, 1245 - the inquisition found them consanguineous)

No children.

Married 2)

Aimery IX de Thouars in 1246

Children of Aimery IX and Marguerite:

Married 3)

Geoffrey V de Chateaubriant [abt.1269]

No children.

Siblings of Marguerite of Lusignan:

William de Valence, Agnes Agathe de Lusignan, Isabelle de Lusignan, Hugh XI d'Angouleme, de Lusignan, Aymer de Valance, Guy de Lusignan, Alice de Lusignan, Geoffori de Lusignan

Half-siblings from mother's first marriage to King John of England:

Henry III of England, Richard, Earl of Cornwall, Joan of England, Isabella of England, Eleanor of England

      Hugh de Lusignan VIII
    Hugh de Lusignan IX Orengarde de Lusignan
      Guillaume Taillefer IV
  Hugh de Lusignan X Mathilde de Taillefer Emma de Limoges
Marguerite of Lusignan      
  Isabella d'Angouleme de Taillefer Aymer de Taillefer Guillaume de Taillefer IV
      Emma de Limoges
    Alice de Courtenay Pierre Capet of France
      Isabelle de Courtenay