Benjamin Norton

Born 1671 in Edgartown, Dukes, MA
Died abt.1755, Newport, RI 121

Notes: Resided in Edgartown, a yeoman, but removed to Newport where he was admitted freeman 4 May 1708. Inventory of his estate was returned 30 July 1755, but the widow declined appointment as admx. His two sons-in-law were empowered to act in her stead. 121


Avis Stanton 121

Children of Benjamin and Avis Norton: 121

Siblings of Benjamin Norton:

Hannah Norton, Abigail Norton, Jacob Norton, Samuel Norton, Sarah Norton, Thomas Norton, Isaac Norton, Ruth Norton, Joseph Norton, Mercy Norton

      Nicholas Norton
    Nicholas Norton patgreatgrandmother
  Isaac Norton Elizabeth Isaac greatgrandmother
Benjamin Norton      
  Ruth Bayes Thomas Bayes matgrandfather
    Anne Baker greatgrandfather