Edward Payson Norton

Born June 19, 1845 in Starkes, ME 7
Died March 14, 1910 in Owatonna, Steele, MN 1, 7
Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery, Owatonna, Steele, MN 1
Occupation: Mason

Notes: Civil War Veteran


Sarah M. Viles 1 on August 24, 1865 in Industry, Franklin, ME

Children of Sarah and Edward P. Norton:

Siblings of Edward P. Norton:

Sarah Smith Norton, Andrew Norton, Hannah Norton, Benjamin Norton, Charles Smith Norton, Charles Andrew Norton, Smith Norton, Henry Edwin Norton, Marshall Willis Norton

      Isaac Norton
    Abner Norton Hannah Norton
      Benjamin Claghorn
  David M. Norton Mary Claghorn Katherine Blackwell
Edward P. Norton      
  Caroline Smith mothersfather matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother greatgrandfather