Elkanah Loraine Preuss

Born November 6, 1922 in Lee Co., Tx 7
Died August 21, 2004 in Giddings, Lee Co., Tx

1930 US Census - age 7, living in Giddings, Lee Co., Tx with parents Mamie F (32) and Louis (34) and siblings Louis M (10) and George L (4)

Married 1)

Willmott Odell Keaghey

Children of Willmott and Elkanah Keaghey:

Married 2)

Wesley E. Pratt on July 1, 1988 in Lee Co., Tx 1

Siblings of Elkanah Preuss:

Louis M. Preuss, George Lee Preuss

      John Preuss/Johannes Preuss
    George Preuss Marie Schaefer/Maria Scheffler
      J. Pampel
  Louis M. Preuss Johanna Christina Pampell greatgrandmother
Elkanah L. Preuss      
  Mamie Snowden Thomas Lee Snowden James Edward Snowden
      Mary Catherine Childress
    Ella Hague John W. Hague
      Frances Stifflemire