Irena Robinson

Born January 15, 1764 in CT 7, 106, 108
Died November 1, 1847 in Lempster, Sullivan Co., NH 7, 106, 108


Zaccheus Spencer on January or June 11, 1789 in Scotland, Windham Co., Ct 7, 106

Children of Zaccheus and Irena Spencer:

Siblings of Irena Robinson:

Muriel Robinson, Eber Robinson, Anna Robinson, Vine Robinson, Huldah Robinson, Jacob Robinson, Amy Robinson, Tracy Robinson

      Peter Robinson
    Peter Robinson Experience Menton/Manter
  Jacob Robinson Ruth Fuller greatgrandmother
Irena Robinson      
  Anna Tracy Johnathan Tracy Jonathan Tracy
      Anna Palmer
    Amie Palmer Moses Palmer
      Abigail Allen