Dudley Ross Sassman

Born November 11, 1913 in Colton, Travis Co., Tx 7
Died January 5, 1992 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx 7

Birth certificate - born: Colton, Travis, Tx, sex: male, legitimate, born: alive on Nov. 11, 1913, race: white, father: Will Sassman, American, mother: Mamie Boothe, American, occupation of father: farmer, reported by: G. W. Lee, Creedmon(sp?), Tex.
1920 US Census - age 7, living in Travis Co., Tx with parents William E. (30) and Mamie (30) and siblings Hazel (8) and Wilma (2)
1930 US Census - age 16, living in Precinct 6, Travis Co., Tx with parents Willie E. (40) and Mamie (40), siblings Hazel (18) and Wilma (12) and cousin George Fogle (7)
1940 US Census - age 26, living in Austin (Justice Precinct 5, 901 W. Mary Rt.), Travis Co., Tx with wife Gladys (22) , lived same place in 1935, highest grade level of school completed: C-1, occupation: clerk at Post Office, worked 52 weeks for $1820
Daughter Ellabeth lived with them after her divorce and required care as an invalid for 20yrs due to a brain tumor.
Dudley had leukemia for many years as an older man and passed away at his home in Dallas one morning while his wife was making breakfast.


Gladys Snowden [1939] in Texas 7

Child of Dudley and Gladys Sassman:

Siblings of Dudley Sassman:

Hazel Sassman, Wilma Sassman

      Henrich Sassmannhausen
    Fred W. Sassman/Friedrich Sassmannhausen Marie Catherine Baenfer
      William Ross
  William Edward Sassman Mary Ross greatgrandmother
Dudley R. Sassman      
  Mamie Elizabeth Boothe James E. Boothe J. H. Boothe
      Mary J. Hamm
    Sarah Canzadie Reich greatgrandfather