Ellabeth Sassman

Born August 30, 1940 in Travis Co., Tx 7
Died May 2, 1995 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx 7

Ellabeth began having headaches in her thirties... and doctors discovered that she had an inoperable brain tumor. She and Don divorced and their two children lived with him. Ellabeth went to live with her parents who had moved to Dallas. The children visited their mother (Ellabeth loved children and often entertained them during family gatherings) but over time the radiation treatment she had endured caused her to lose her balance, mobility and short term memory. Ellabeth was bedridden for much of her last ten years while her elderly parents cared for her.


Donald Ray Black on November 29, 1963 in Texas 7, divorced November 30, 1983 Dallas Co., Tx

Children of Don and Ellabeth Black:

Siblings of Ellabeth Sassman: no siblings

      Fred W. Sassman/Friedrich Sassmannhausen
    William Edward Sassman Mary Ross
      James E. Boothe
  Dudley R. Sassman Mamie Elizabeth Boothe Sarah Canzadie Reich
Ellabeth. Sassman      
  Gladys Snowden Thomas Lee Snowden James Edward Snowden
      Mary Catherine Childress
    Ella Hague John W. Hague
      Frances Stifflemire