baby Snowden

Born August 13, 1925 7
Died August 14, 1925 7

d/c - died August 14, 1925 male, birthplace: Elgin, Texas, father: W.T. Snowden, born Pineapple, Alabama, mother: Nina Helton, born Texas, informant: W.T. Snowden, Elgin, Texas, cause of death: premature birth, W.E. Campbell, M.D., removed to Youngs Prairie Cemetery, J.C. Miller, undertaker

never married

Sibling of baby Snowden:

Ira Price Snowden, Janie Mildred Snowden, Oscar S. Snowden, Walter T. Snowden

      James Edward Snowden
    Oscar Sherman Snowden Mary Catherine Childress
  Walter Thomas Snowden Mary Catherine Wright greatgrandmother
baby Snowden, Jr.      
  Nina Virginia Helton John Rebel Helton John Alexander Helton
      Sarah Jane Bolling
    Janie Solomon greatgrandfather