Oscar Sherman Snowden

Born 1924 7
Died July 28, 1977 in Austin, Travis Co., Tx 7

1930 US Census - age 6, living in Elgin, Bastrop Co., Tx with parents Walter I (35) and Ninnie (35) and siblings Ira P (10), Janie M (12) and Walter I (3)
1940 US Census - age 16, living in Elgin, Bastrop Co., Tx with grandmother Janie Helton (64,Tx), parents Walter T Snowden (44,Tx) and Nina (44,Tx), and brothers Price (20) and Walter T (13), highest grade level of school completed: 9, lived in same house in 1935, attends school, father is a truck driver for oil company, address: Alamo St.
Oscar Snowden’s TV and Appliance, Inc. 413 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas


Gladys Lynn Titsworth 7

Children of Oscar and Gladys Snowden:

Sibling of Oscar S. Snowden:

Ira Price Snowden, Janie Mildred Snowden, Walter T. Snowden, baby Snowden

      James Edward Snowden
    Oscar Sherman Snowden Mary Catherine Childress
  Walter Thomas Snowden Mary Catherine Wright greatgrandmother
Oscar S. Snowden      
  Nina Virginia Helton John Rebel Helton John Alexander Helton
      Sarah Jane Bolling
    Janie Solomon greatgrandfather