Willie Maude "Williemaude" Snowden

Born September 28, 1909 7 in Bastrop Co., Tx
Died January 17, 2013 in Elgin, Bastrop Co., Tx, age 103 at home
Buried: McDade Cemetery, McDade, Bastrop Co., Tx
1910 US Census - age 6m, living in Justice precinct 3, Lee Co., Tx with parents Thomas L (35, AL) and Lou E (Ella,33), siblings Mary F (Mamie,12), Lela L (9), Velma J (6), Otho B (2) and Jeff Harrison (35,Tx)
  • Her name..

      According to Williemaude her name came about because her parents were expecting a boy (because she kicked so much!) and had chosen Willie as a name - after Uncle Willy. Maude was (jokingly) referred to amongst family members as being the name of the family cow! She never liked being a girl named Willie, so she was called Williemaude her entire life. Quote: "Imagine! Naming a girl Willie!"

1920 US Census - age 10, living in [McDade], Bastrop Co., Tx with parents Lee (45,AL) and Ella (43), siblings Lela (18), Velma (16), Otho (12), Cecil (6), Hague (4y7m), Gladys (1y11m), grandmother Francis Hague (84,SC) and Jean Hicks (39,AL)
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      Graduated Salutatorian of her High School Class. For her 18th birthday she was given by her father the gleanings from their cotton field to help her pay for college. Her brother Cecil helped her gather them.

1930 US Census - age 20, living in Precinct 6 (McDade), Bastrop Co., Tx with parents Thomas L (55,AL) and Ella (53), and siblings Cecil (17), Hague (14) and Gladus (Gladys,12)
  • college..

      She tried to go to college in Houston but struggled to pay for rent and school. Minnie Greenhaw invited her to come live with her in her boarding house. (they knew each other from McDade; their farms had backed up to each other) Williemaude was engaged to a young preacher at the time. Minnie's son Wilbur pursued Williemaude and convinced her that it would be better to marry him instead.

1940 US Census - age 30, living in Aransas Pass, Justice Precinct 6, San Patricio Co., Tx with husband Wilbur W (27) and son Wilbur W (2), highest grade of school completed: H4, lived in same house in 1935,
  • Children..

      Childbirth was particularly difficult for Williemaude in 1937. Labor went on for three days before the doctors decided to operate by "cutting her stem to stern" as she put it. The child was saved but infection set in and Williemaude nearly died. She spent several months in the hospital recovering. It was recommended they have no more children.
      (she told me that even five years later the short drive from Aransas Pass into Houston she had to take restroom stops three times each way due to lingering infection - Only after sulfa drugs were invented did the lingering infection *finally* get cured.)
      In spite of the warnings Wilbur and Williemaude did try to have another child but never conceived.
      They adopted their three year old neice (child of Williemaude's brother Otho - who was getting divorced) many years later.


Wilbur Walter Cottle on August 31, 1934 in Aransas Co., Tx 120

Children of Wilbur and Williemaude Cottle :

Siblings of Williemaude Snowden:

Mamie Snowden, Lela Snowden, Velma Snowden, Otho Snowden, Hague Snowden, Gladys Snowden, Cecil Snowden

      William J. Snowden
    James Edward Snowden Elisabeth [unknown]
  Thomas Lee Snowden Mary Catherine Childress greatgrandmother
Williemaude Snowden      
  Ella Hague John W. Hague matgreatgrandfather
    Frances R. Stifflemire John Stifflemire
      Elizabeth J. Simpkins

Williemaude Snowden Cottle

Williemaude circa 1934