William Stasney

Born October 3, 1886 in (prob.) Shiloh Community (later became College Station) Brazos Co., Tx 1
Died November 3, 1904 in Brazos Co., Tx 1
Buried: College Station Cemetery, College Station, Brazos Co., Tx 1

1900 US Census - age 13, living in Brazos Co. Tx with parents Frank (43) and Josephene (41) and siblings Hugo (19), Elbina (Albina,17), Rosa (15), Mary (9), Annie (7), Jennie (5), Josephine (3) and Emma (1), father is a farmer, both parents born in Bohemia, attended school 6mos, can read, write and speak English, occupation: farm laborer, living next door to John L. Stasney (26) and wife Fannie (22) and daughter Mary (1), also next to them widowed Annie Boriskie (48) and her 7 children, her father John Krenek (76) and brother Edward Krenek (30)

Never married (died age 18)

Siblings of William Stasney:

Josephine Stasney, Hugo Stasney, Albina Stasney, Francis Stasney, Rosa Stasney, Mary Stasney, Annie Stasney, Janie Stasney, Emma Stasney

      John Stastny
    Vaclav Stasny Anna Nechvatal
      Jan Urban
  Frank Stasney Johanna Urban Marie Bednar
William Stasney      
  Josephine Sramek Simon Jacob Sramek Thomas Sramek
      Francisca Janousek
    Petronella Kucera Antonine Kucera
      Marian Mica