Gladys Lynn Titsworth

Born January 23, 1921 in Thrall, Williamson Co., Tx 7
Died October 4, 2001 in Travis Co., Tx 7

b/c - born January 23, 1921 at 4am to L. R. Titsworth of Thrall R2, age 28, born in Albaiads(sp?) Co, occupation: farm and Lois Bends of Thrall, age 21, born in Milam Co., occupation: HW, 1 child born to this couple, [illegible], M.D.
1930 US Census - age 9, living in precinct 6, Williamson Co., Tx with parents Lemmi (34,Tx) and Louis (30,Tx)
1940 US Census - age 19, living in Austin, Tract 7, precinct 3, Travis Co., Tx in student nurse housing, highest grade level of school completed: H4, lived Rural Williamson Co, Tx in 1935, occupation: Nurse - 2nd year at Hospital, worked 48hrs/week, 52weeks for $90 with other income, address: Brackenridge Nurses Home, 705 East 14th Street
Director of Nursing, Fleming Hospital in Elgin, Tx for over 25 years and worked there until it closed.


Oscar S. Snowden 7

Children of Oscar and Gladys Snowden:

Sibling of Gladys Titsworth: none

      William Payton Titsworth
    Robert Blackwell Titsworth Sarah Blackwell
  Lemey R. Titsworth Mary Ellen Fipps greatgrandmother
Gladys Lynn Titsworth      
  Lois Lynn Bonds Alston Boyd Bonds Aulston Boyd Bonds
      Mary Hadley
    Frances Elizabeth "Betty" Staggers greatgrandfather