Anna Tracy

Born April 1, 1732 in Preston, Windham, CT 7, 108, 109
Baptized April 8, 1733 First Congregational Church, Preston, CT by Rev. Salmon Treat 112
Died December 8, 1815 in Brooklyn, Windham, CT 7, 108


Jacob Robinson on November 4, 1756 109 in Preston, New London Co., CT 7, 108 by Rev. Asher Rosseter 111

Children of Jacob and Anna Robinson:

Siblings of Anna Tracy:

Rebeckah Tracy, Moses Tracy, Samuel Tracy, Amie Tracy, Lois Tracy, Dorothy Tracy, Jonathan Tracy, Perez Tracy, (half-siblings) Lucy Tracy, Hannah Tracy, Israel Tracy, Submit Tracy

      Jonathan Tracy
    Jonathan Tracy Mary Griswold
      Moses Palmer
  Jonathan Tracy Anna Palmer Dorothy Gilbert
Anna Tracy      
  Amie Palmer Moses Palmer Moses Palmer
      Dorothy Gibert
    Abigail Allen Daniel Allen
      Mary Wilder or Mary Sherman