Andrew Tumlinson

Born January 21, 1806 in Lincoln co., NC 7
Died 1831 in Guadalupe co., Tx 7, knifed by the Caddo Indian he shot. 6 49
Buried: Cottle Cemetery, Alum Creek, Bastrop co., Tx 6, 45


Harriet Cottle on July 2, 1829 7 in DeWitt's Colony, District of Gonzales, Tx 6, 48

Child of Andrew and Harriet Tumlinson: 6

The Tumlinsons were some of the earliest colonists to come to Texas. Andrew, age 16 is listed with his family in DeWitt's colony on the first census (1823) In 1822 when (as suggested to them by the Baron de Bastrop) the colonists decided to elect a local government for themselves, Andrew's father John Tumlinson was elected alcalde, Robert Kuykendall captain of militia, and Moses Morrison lieutenant of militia. These men went after indians with a vengance. John Tumlinson was later killed (unsurprisingly) by Indians in 1823. Andrew's mother Elizabeth received title to a league of land on the Colorado River the following year when the Mexican officials decided to grant titles.

After his own death at the hand of an Indian, his wife Harriet received title to a league of land, only as they had not been married by Roman Catholic clergy she had to petition for it by her maiden name.

Siblings of Andrew Tumlinson:

Thomas Carney Tumlinson, Jane Tumlinson, James Tumlinson, Peter Tumlinson, John Jackson Tumlinson, Catherine Tumlinson, Joseph Tumlinson, Elizabeth Tumlinson, Mary Ann Tumlinson, Rachel Tumlinson

    Johnathon Tumlinson patgreatgrandmother
  John Jack Tumlinson Lucretia Kirkland greatgrandmother
Andrew Tumlinson      
  Laura Elizabeth Plemmons John Plemmons Peter Plemmons
      Elizabeth Murdock
    Jane Pritchard greatgrandfather