Thomas Carney Tumlinson

Born September 23, 1797 in Lincoln co., NC 7
Died April 1823 near Tumlinson Township in Crawford Co., Ar., 7 killed by indians/horse thieves. 50


Elizabeth Trammel 7 c.1822 in Tumlinson Township, Crawford co., Ar 7

Child of Thomas and Elizabeth Tumlinson:

Thomas was killed by Indians five months before the birth of his son. Apparently (according to rootsweb sources) they were planning to leave Arkansas to join up with the rest of the Tumlinsons in Texas after the birth of their first child.

Siblings of Thomas Carney Tumlinson:

Andrew Tumlinson, Jane Tumlinson, James Tumlinson, Peter Tumlinson, John Jackson Tumlinson, Catherine Tumlinson, Joseph Tumlinson, Elizabeth Tumlinson, Mary Ann Tumlinson, Rachel Tumlinson

    Johnathon Tumlinson patgreatgrandmother
  John Jack Tumlinson Lucretia Kirkland greatgrandmother
Thomas Carney Tumlinson      
  Laura Elizabeth Plemmons John Plemmons Peter Plemmons
      Elizabeth Murdock
    Jane Pritchard greatgrandfather