Thomas Carney Tumlinson (Tom Girtman)

Born September 2, 1823 in Crawford co.?, Ar 55
Died June 27, 1905 in Tx 55
Buried: Tumlinson Cemetery, Burnet co., Tx 55


Mary Moore on November 17, 1842 in Sevier Co., Ar 53

Children of Thomas and Mary Tumlinson:

Thomas's mother died when he was a small child. He was raised by his stepfather David Girtman and was known as Tom Girtman until adulthood. Name spelled 'Tumblestone' on his marriage application. 53

Siblings of Thomas Carney Tumlinson:

(dau.)Helen? Girtman

      Johnathon Tumlinson
    John Jack Tumlinson Lucretia Kirkland
      John Plemmons
  Thomas Carney Tumlinson Laura Elizabeth Plemmons Jane Pritchard
Thomas Carney Tumlinson Jr./Tom Girtman      
  Elizabeth Trammel David Trammel matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother (poss. Choktaw) greatgrandfather