John de Warenne

Born August [abt. 1231]
Died September 29, 1304 in Kennington, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Buried: Lewes Priory, Lewes, Sussex, England

6th Earl of Surrey
His father having died when he was just a young boy, John was made a Royal Ward to be raised at the court and Peter of Savoy (the Queen's uncle) was named guardian of his holdings.
Accompanied the future king Edward on his journey to Spain to marry Eleanor of Castile.
Participated in the second revolt of the Barons, switched sides.


Alice de Lusignan in August 1247 in Kent, England

Children of John and Alice de Warenne:

Children of John and [unknown nobelwoman Mistress]:
  • John de Warenne
  • William de Warenne

Siblings of John de Warenne:

Isabel de Warenne

Half-siblings by mother's first marriage: Roger Bigod, Hugh Bigod

      Geoffrey of Anjou
    Hamelin de Warenne [unknown mistress]
      William de Warenne III
  William de Warenne Isabel de Warenne Ela de Talvas
John de Warenne      
  Maud Marshall William Marshall John Marshall
      Sibyl D'Everaux
    Isobel de Clare Richard de Clare
      Eva MacMurrough