George William Wherung

Born April 9, 1869 in Philadelphia, PA 7
Died at Hillcrest Hospital June 4, 1951 age 82 in Waco, McLennan, Tx 7
Buried: Rosemound Cemetery, Waco, McLennan, Tx 7

Notes: 1880 US Census - age 11, living in Travis Co., Tx with parents Theo. (36) and Catherine (34) and sister Edith (4), father is a carpenter
1900 US Census - Living in Williamson Co, Tx with wife Bettie and children Powell, Geo W, Minnie H, Reynolds, and mother-in-law Pattie L. Ligon, occupation: farmer
1910 US Census - age 41 living in Hutto, Williamson, Tx with wife Bettie (44) and children John P (16), George W (14), Mamie Kate (12), Reynolds (10) and Winnie (8)
1920 US Census - age 51 living in McLennan County, Tx with wife Bettie (54) and children John P (26), Mamie K (22), Randal J (Reynolds? 20) and Vinney (Winnie? 17)
1930 US Census - age 60 in Waco, McLennan, TX with wife Bettie (64), children Marnie (Mamie? 32), James Rob (Reynolds? 30), Winnie (27), Annie L Taylor (Betty's sister, 20), Elizabeth Morran (widowed boarder, 44), George Morran (boarder, 22), George Hastings (servant, 34) and Louise Denton (sister-in-law, 18)
d/c - widowed, address 1805 Morrow, Waco, Tx, cause of death: coronary thrombosis due to arteriosclerosis, occupation: carpenter/construction


Betty Sue Ligon

Children of George and Betty Wherung:

Siblings of George William Wherung:

Edith Josephine Wherung, Amilie E. Wherung, Adeladie Lizelta Wherung

    Nicolaus Wherung patgreatgrandmother
  Theodore Wherung Elisabetha Bach greatgrandmother
George William Wherung      
  Catharina Elisabetha Siemon mothersfather matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother greatgrandfather