James Reynolds Wherung

Born September 29, 1899 in Hutto, TX 7
Died (age 72) August 23, 1972 at the VA Hospital in Waco, McLennan, TX 7
Buried: Rosemound Cemetery, Waco, McLennan, Tx
WIlkirson-Hatch Funeral Home

Notes: 1900 US Census - Living in Williamson County, Tx with parents Geo W, Bettie S, Powell, Geo W, Minnie H (all Wehrung) and Pattie L. Ligon (mother of Bettie)
1930 US Census - Living in Waco, Mclennan, Tx with parents GW (60) and Bettie (64), Marnie (Mamie? 32), Winnie (27), aunt Annie L. Taylor (20), roomers Elizabeth Morran (44), George Morran (22), servant George Hastings (34), and aunt-in-law Louise Denton (18)
address on d/c 1213 Lindsey, Denton, Denton, TX
WWI Veteran
Cause of death: heart failure and pneumonia
Occupation: 1935 - Cashier for West Cotton Oil Well for 12yrs,
on d/c - Accountant for State Civil Service


Minnie Alta Davidson 7

Children of James and Alta Wherung:

Siblings of James Reynolds Wherung:

George William Wherung II, John Powell Wherung, Mamie Kate Wherung, Winnefred Leigh Wherung

      Nicolaus Wherung
    Theodore Wherung Elisabetha Bach
  George William Wherung Catharin Elisabetha Siemon greatgrandmother
James Reynolds Wherung      
  Betty Sue Ligon mothersfather matgreatgrandfather
    mothersmother greatgrandfather

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Wherung Families of the United States